Website Promotion Strategies For the Small Business Owner

Website promotion strategies are what will get your site from lost in the desert to being found by your prospects online. One of the best ways to promote your website on the internet is to use blogs. Many different forms of blogging exist that you may have never known about before. Because blogs are very easy to set up and maintain, they are highly effective at establishing you as the recognized expert in your industry marketplace.

Blog Marketing

Now, blog marketing has been around for awhile – anchors on your local news station may have their own blog, your favorite band may have their own blog – so now it’s time for you to establish a blog to grow your web presence online. An effective internet marketing strategy will help you leverage the power of the internet and blogging can do just that.

Because content is king on the internet, creating high quality content or having it created for you is very important to you having a profitable website promotion strategy. One key insight is that what you may find interesting, your market may not connect with or may find boring.

How do you discover what your market wants to hear?

Research your marketplace “through the eyes of Google” and other search engines using your most important keywords to see what your competitors are currently talking about. Join the conversation by visiting their blog website while commenting on their blog post. You can then visit a few other blogs in your marketplace to see what the hot topic of conversations are and then condense (or curate) the current market news into a summary while giving your own spin or perspective. You now just used a marketing strategy your local news anchors use every day to bring the news.

Without targeting the conversation going on in your prospect’s head, how will they ever connect your product or service with the ability to solve their pressing problem(s)?

You can even target the message in the blog post that you summarized to a benefit of your product or service. Add a message in your blog post directing visitors to your website or however they take the next step in your sales funnel.

Article Marketing

Another great way to get your message out there in alignment with other website promotion strategies is to use article marketing. Writing articles is really not as hard as you might think it is at first glance. Content exists everywhere you look while you can even tie your message to something that happened in the news recently. You can then take that article and make it into a video, a podcast, and leverage it to create more new content and post it on web 2.0 community sites.

Now, you just joined the conversation in multiple places while establishing yourself as the expert.