The 2 Step Made-Easy Process To Defining Your Promotion Strategy

Why Your Promotion Strategy’s Only Focus Should Be On What You Know. In today’s world as an entrepreneur, finding your specific promotion strategy seems more and more like finding the head of a needle in a haystack.

Too much commotion, way too much hype, and all the competition online seems as if you are speaking to the wall when it comes to your specific promotion strategy. But without fully understanding WHY, you’re pretty much left high and dry.

Simply put, if you don’t know WHO to target based on WHAT you have to offer, you won’t be selling, promoting, subscribing, and so on and so forth, to ANYONE.

But don’t fret. I’m going to explain a simple process for defining your target audience and increasing your promotion strategy to a point that you’ll wonder WHY didn’t YOU think of that.

So let’s begin with my 2 step made-easy process to defining your promotion strategy.

Why Your Promotion Strategy Sucks! I’m going to explain exactly why in a minute but let’s first understand the definition of “promotion”.

Promotion is one of the four elements of marketing mix (product, price, promotion, distribution). It is the communication link between sellers and buyers for the purpose of influencing, informing, or persuading a potential buyer’s purchasing decision.” courtesy of WikiPedia.

So in laymen terms, it’s the art of learning HOW to make that bond between your product/service and your customers/audience.

Unfortunately, this is were most marketers, sales professionals, and especially home business owners fall between the cracks.

There’s a reason WHY so few in these industries are actually profitable and so many are left to fight for scraps between the other sales professionals for whatever commissions are left.

But no more! In these 2 steps, I’m going to resolve that problem for YOU so you can go out there and take on the world!

2 Steps To An Awesome Promotion Strategy So let’s begin this venture into how you can start defining and attracting ONLY those that will benefit and are looking for exactly what YOU have to offer.

Step #1 - Begin By Asking Yourself “Who Would Need This And Why?”

  • Start thinking outside the box. Do research on what someone would clearly define as a benefit in what your product or service has to offer. Find out what pain or pleasure this person is feeling and clearly understand how what you have to offer can become that person’s solution. Remember, those that read your ads whether online or offline are actual people. So begin to implement your thoughts and actions as if YOU were that person seeking what it is that you specifically have to offer.

Step #2 – Fully Focus Your Specific Promotion Strategy On Them

  • Don’t bounce around in our sales process. If you’ve gone as far as defining exactly who would want what it is that you offer, stay the course and keep their wants and needs in your marketing efforts ALWAYS as a means to remind them of their problems and how YOU are going to be their solution provider. If you can clearly state their problem and how what you have has become a solution to this problem of theirs to so many others, including yourself, the odds of that person becoming extremely interested in your services will increase dramatically. (Remember: Stay focused on their needs and fulfill them. The ONLY service we provide as marketing and sales professionals is the ability to provide someone with a solution to their biggest problems or concerns.)

And that’s all Folks!!!

Your promotion strategy should be one of seeking exactly what a person’s needs and wants are and YOU becoming their solution provider, THAT’S IT!

“Give and you shall receive” is a famous quote we’ve all heard but few fully understand. If you are capable of not only understanding this quote, but implementing it into you marketing and promotion strategy, you’ll receive exactly what you were aiming for in your promotion strategy.