Long Vs Short Term Online Promotional Strategies

Looking around online you will generally notice there are really only two types of promotional strategies being used. In fact these strategies can normally be identified by the marketing tactics that are utilized. One would be a more long term approach while the other, a more short term approach, unfortunately seems to be more widely used. The long term approach seems to focus more on building trust with others while the other strategy seems to simply target making the sale. It would seem that building trust and serving the people would be a more stable way to build your business over the long haul. Placing an emphasis on making a quick buck tends to alienate you from your customer base.

Here is a closer look at the basics differences you can see and will experience in the marketing tactics used by these two fundamentally different strategies!

Show Me the Money!

This is more the short term strategy used online with the prevalent and primary attitude of ‘taking’ and ‘making’ a profit!

1) Wow Them With Overnight Riches

The use of a lot of hype and creating limitations in terms of availability are often employed in these marketing tactics. Oh and by the way some claims made may not always be true if you can believe that!

2) Love Em and Leave Them

A pretty obvious disregard for building trust or a lack of apparent interest in developing any type of relationship is another trait ‘profit seekers’ display. Usually there is little or nothing offered for free that can be of use to potential customers and this is no way to build your business if you intend to be around for a while!

3) The Attitude of ‘Next’

Marketers who maintain their ‘primary’ focus on finding new customers while forgetting those they already have displays an aversion to building trust. This moving forward without looking back mentality indicates a strong inclination on their behalf that they are merely passing through and taking what they can!

At Your Service!

As you guess, this would be the longer term approach used by those who intend to be in business for quite a while!

1) Provide Useful Information

Marketing tactics employed by these entrepreneurs reflect more an attitude of servitude! Building trust is important since they intend or hope to maintain on ongoing relationship with the people they do business with. At the least these marketers are mindful of their reputations and show this through their actions and deeds! In most cases this is seen in the free and useful information they make readily available to anybody who visits their site.

2) Help More Than Hype

One of the best ways for building trust online is to avoid the needless use of hype if it is not appropriate, which in most cases it is not! In order to build your business for the long haul it is always best to remain sincere. Littering the path you take with instances of aggressive and/or misleading promotional tactics will only come back to haunt and likely hurt you. Oh and by the way, overnight riches only happens when you win the lottery!

3) Avoid Circulating Useless Junk

Representing only quality products is always one of the best ways to build and maintain a solid reputation online. Entrepreneurs with a genuine concern for their customers and their own reputation will avoid representing products or services that do not live up to their claims. Although building trust does take some time and effort, losing it is very easy to do and can be done overnight!

Although there are many different promotional strategies in use online they can easily be categorized into 2 fundamental groups. These differences can often be seen in the marketing tactics employ and felt by the satisfaction level experienced as our review above points out. It would seem that being straight with people while also being helpful is the best way to build your business while building trust at the same time! Focusing more on making the ‘quick buck’ will usually get you just that, and nothing more!