Do You Know This 1st Website Promotion Strategy? Local Search Marketing

Website promotion strategies exist all around you when you open your eyes to the palace of possibilities. One of the most effective internet marketing strategies to capitalize on right now is local search marketing. More often than not in today’s world, your general market keyword has hundreds of thousands if not millions of competing results when you search in Google and other search engines.

How do you compete against millions of search engine results?

Well, Mr. or Mrs. small business owner, I offer to you if you are open to it, a new insight. I propose to you that you might be asking the wrong question. A more effective question might be, how can I change the game so my message has a chance of being heard above the noise online?

When your prospects, customers, and clients search for you online (and more than 80% of them begin their search online by the way, so how much is it costing you not to have an effective website promotion strategy?) more often than not, they search with a local intent. What that means for you is when someone searches for something like “Chinese restaurant” and they live in Chicago, IL, chances are they do not want to find a restaurant in Los Angeles, CA.

Would you agree with that statement?

So, the way you gain a competitive advantage so you, the small business owner, has a chance to compete, is to add a local search modifier to your keyword. Chinese restaurant now becomes “Chinese restaurant Chicago” or “Chicago Chinese restaurant”.

Now, we are on to something because not only do you now have a better chance at competing, you just became A LOT more relevant in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Behind every keyword is a human being and inside of every human being using a keyword to search is an intention to find more information or solve a pressing problem. Without getting too in depth into keyword research strategies, simply keep the previous sentence in mind as you craft your website promotion strategy, whether that is by yourself or you hire a small business marketing consultant to do the job.

Another question to ask yourself is, “how far is my prospect, customer, or client willing to drive to take advantage of the product/service I offer”?

The answer to that question is different for different markets. A person might be willing to travel farther to visit a specialist doctor then they would to visit a Chinese restaurant.

Other local search marketing strategies are getting your business listed in the local business center of the major search engines. Before doing that yourself, make sure you research optimizing your listing for maximum results. Getting listed in other online directories under your industry category as well as reviews from your customers and clients can go a long way towards helping your website get found online when your prospects, customers, and clients need you most.