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7 Powerful Web Site Promotion Strategies Internet Marketing People Have to Know

To determine if a website is success or not, most of the time it is judged by how much targeted traffic can be generated. Effective web site promotion strategies are therefore necessary in order to bring the business sales to the next level. This is especially true for people who run an Internet marketing business. If you do not pay enough attention on these you have already left behind by your competitors.

Targeted traffic is a key to success in Internet marketing world. In order to get it, you need to have an overall marketing plan and determine strategies which you will use to promote your website. Here you will see 7 web site promotion techniques that, if you can apply it systematically and frequently, you will get your desired, loyal visitors to your website, over and over again.

1. Target users who are searching for particular topics and products

Internet is actually a place where millions and millions of people, who have different needs, used to get their desired information. In other words, what you need is to attract people who have particular interests, needs or wants. If your website provided information which is valuable and unique, people will be able to find you more easily. Therefore, updating your website frequently with fresh, new content can attract new visitors and keep your existing visitors desired more information from you.

2. Promote website with email

When comes to internet marketing, email is a very important, and considered most effective, communication medium on promoting web site today. Therefore building an email list should be your top priority for every Internet marketer. It can be done by placing a simple email submit form, also known as opt-in form, on your site, and promoting your website regularly by newsletter.

3. Have both users and visitors promoting your web site

You can easily have your visitors promoting your website by having them involved. For example, in your website you can use a “Tell a friend” script that allow people to enter their friends’ email address and tell their friends about your website. If you have a twitter account, you can also have people “tweet” your website. Another way is to get personal referral from your regular clients. If you have already had a customer base, send them an email to thank for their visiting, and simply ask for referral from them.

4. Let visitors bookmark your site easily

Simply add a little image on your web site that allows your visitors to bookmark your website easily. Or you can add a social bookmarking icon that allow user to share your website to other people through site like digg, or Reddit. This can encourage repeating visit and your visitor do not need to enter your website manually.

5. Put precise call to action text

If you need to have your visitors to take some actions, like opt-in, in your website, you should use action words like “Click”, “Get” or “Enter”. This strategy is used as part of getting opt-in so that, when your website has new content, you can contact your email list right away and drive targeted traffic to your site.

6. Clear, to the point section heading

If you have only vague, confusing content to your reader, chances are that you will lose your visitors quickly and they will never come back. While precise, clear and to-the-point content allows visitors to find what they want much more easily. By the way, graphics will distract your readers and therefore do not use too many graphics.

7. Using Freebies or Special promotions

No doubt that people love free, “special” things. Most of the time people come because your website has something which is “Free” for them. But you should do this with caution. Your “Free” things should be valuable to your visitors, but not crap that has no real value. Remember, people come for value.

So, with these simple yet effective strategies to promote your web site, your website will be filled with loyal, regular visitors, who are the most valuable thing for your Internet marketing business.

Recession Marketing Promotional Strategy – 5 Hot Facebook Page Tools to Boost Your Businesses Sales

Recession Marketing

Times are tough all over! Most of us continue to struggle with keeping our businesses above water as the economy slowly sinks lower and lower. However by using some of the free and extremely powerful tools online, your marketing promotional strategy can be completely recession-proof. Keep reading to learn more.

Facebook Fan Pages

Most of you are probably already familiar with Facebook’s fan pages. These pages allow a user to set up a separate page for their business. They can then invite others to become fans of their page and use this medium to send regular updates about their business promotions, specials and new blog posts or accomplishments. This marketing promotional strategy has already been tested and proven highly effective. With the right tools, you can easily tap into this powerful marketing trend.

Five Great Tools and Add-Ons

1. Acebucks is a program with which you can create your own surveys and games for your fans. Here you can develop promotional products like key rings or highlighters that have your name and business info printed on them. When your fans win with the games and surveys they can get a free prize.

2. Feeds from your press releases’ news feeds or your business’ blog feeds can be set up to automatically update your Facebook fan page. This provides instant and automated exposure to all of your fans.

3. You can encourage your fans and customers to offer their feedback and reviews using IEndorse. This is an excellent program to help grow your business reputation. Consider offering a free gift to anyone who leaves their feedback with IEndorse.

4. Facebook Insights is a program with which you can track your page’s growth as well as keep track of your fans’ demographic information. This information will be crucial as you continue to grow your business and develop new marketing strategies.

5. Gydget is a promotional tool that can help you spread the word about your new business. In addition to adding this to your fan page, your customers will be able to incorporate you business’ events through their profile pages.

Marketing in a Recession

While these tools will help you turn your Facebook fan pages into powerful networking machines, there is more required of your business than just a new marketing promotional strategy. The fact is, the economy is going to get much worse before it gets better. For your business to effectively recession proof itself, you will need to pay closer attention to the economic crisis and the impacts it threatens to have on your business.